GI Sires

GI11 0014

EMD Micron CFW%
+2.0 20.81 123.86

Son of RP07 0949. Product of our 2010 AI program. An outstanding ram in terms of structure with excellent wool production figures and exceptional staple length. His lambs are excellent quality, being in the top 10% for body weight, EMD, and clean fleece weight.

GI12 0018

EMD Micron CFW%
+5.9 22.99  118.6

Son of GI10 1074 who shows all the quality traits of his sire including EMD and fat cover. Breeding exceptionally well with his progeny showing excellent early maturity. His Lambplan measurements as a 3 year old were; shorn bodyweight 126kg; fat depth 9.5mls; eye muscle depth 44mls – similar to terminal sires.

GI12 0016

EMD Micron CFW%
+1.7 20.87 142.08

Son of GI10 1074. A well balanced ram with exceptional wool cutting traits. He has a heavy bulky white fleece and he is stacking loads of wool on his progeny.

GI13 0005

EMD Fat Micron CFW%
-0.4 3.0 21.63 112.10

Son of GI11 0014. A ram with well balanced figures and exceptional growth rate.

GI13 0003

EMD Fat Micron CFW%
+3.5 2.5 22.06 115.05

Son of GI11 0014. A fantastic all rounder and also a prize winning ram in the show ring.

AI Sires

A regular AI program since 2008, conducted with the assistance of Livestock Breeding Services of Jerilderie NSW, has enabled the introduction of high quality genetics to achieve a true dual purpose sheep. Growth and wool performance testing is constantly improving our flock, and a regular AI program has selectively improved the key traits.

TV11 0839(AI)

This leading Triggervale sire was used in our 2013 AI program. His progreny are showing excellent early maturity and structure.

Full figures available at merino select.

TV11 0511(AI)

This leading Triggervale sire was used in our 2014 AI program. An excellent all rounder whose progeny are showing top figures for growth, YFAT, and fleece weights.

Full figures available at merino select.

RP07 0949(AI)

BW MD Fat Fw FD CV Index
10.44 0.57 -0.00 13.50 -0.47 0.30 139.4

This Roseville Park ram was used in our 2010 AI program. He is a great all round ram with well nourished, long stapled wool. His progeny show excellent early maturity and growth while maintaining wool cut.

LMBJ 449 (AI)

18.8 2.9 15.4 99.8 45

“Big Joe” has been used in our AI program in 2010, 2011 and 2013. He is a proven sire whose progeny have consistently topped sale prices at many stud sales in NSW. His lambs are consistently big, with bone and width. Their wool is free growing, well nourished and white, with extra staple length that is deeply crimped.