What is a Poll sheep?

Our sheep have come from a Bond sheep background. Previously known as the Commercial Corriedale, the Bond sheep was developed near Lockhart, New South Wales around 1909. Thomas Bond established the breed by crossing Saxon-Peppin Merino ewes to stud Lincoln rams. The resulting progeny was selected on the basis that they would be more suited to the Riverina environment.

A dual-purpose animal, they are raised for both meat and wool and provide excellent opportunity for high economic returns from the premium wool quality, heavy fleecy weights and high fertility.

Primarily found in southeast Australia, Bond sheep have numbers in other regions of Australia as well as China, Russia and New Zealand. We have recently rebranded our sheep stud to the Poll. This allows us to benchmark our sheep against other Poll studs, giving us and you confidence in our sheep genetic abilities.

What is an open flock policy?

An open flock policy means that we are able to source genetics from other breeds (poll merinos, center plus merinos, dohnes, SAMMs etc) to improve our own traits based on our breeding objectives.

What is muscle and fat scanning?

Muscle and fat scanning involves the use of an ultrasound machine by an expert operator to measure (in mm) the depth and shape of the eye muscle, and depth of the overlying fat at the same location. Our scanning is performed by accredited operator Trevor Pearce.

Does Glen Iris Polls muscle and fat scan?

Yes. We have been muscle and fat scanning since 1994, putting us well ahead of most other studs and breeds, particularly maternal/self-replacing type flocks.

What is the benefit of muscle and fat scanning?

The benefits from muscle and fat scanning are many. It contributes to the improved growth rates of our lambs, and also benefits the maternal traits of lamb survival, number of lambs weaned, milk production and fertility.

Does Glen Iris Polls have an AI program?

Yes. As part of our open flock policy, we regulary use AI. Recent genetics have been introduced from Triggervale, Roseville Park, and Lachlan Merinos.

Who would benefit from using Poll sheep?

Polls are traditionally a maternal breed used in a self-replacing flock. The best quality ewes can be kept as replacements, surplus and CFA ewes sold, and fast maturing wether lambs fattened for trade weight sales.

We have also recently sold rams to composite ewe owners who are wanting to improve the wool quality of their progeny, but not lose the meaty frame. Poll merino breeders also benefit from Polls as they are able to improve the frame, muscle depth and fat cover of their flock without significant drop in wool quality.